Atlas of the Assyrian Pottery of the Iron...

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Author  Stefano Anastasio
Publisher  Brepols Publishers
Publication Date   January 20, 2010
ISBN  2503532888
Pages  197

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Assyrian pottery of the Iron Age is a very special topic in Near Eastern archaeology: it is widely diffused, related to the expansion of the first real "empire" in Western Asia, and it is well-characterized as far as its typology, manufacturing and decoration are concerned. Especially from the VIII Century BC, the Assyrian policy of settlement in the conquered regions led to a capillary occupation of most of the available landscapes in the provinces: the result is a large amount of excavations with materials dating to this period. The Atlas aims to develop a global typology that can be applied to the whole Assyrian repertory, in order to highlight the main types and to define their precise chronology and diffusion in the various regions conquered by Assyrians.

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