Ramses II


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Author  Christiane Desroches Noblecourt
Publisher  Flammarion
Publication Date   February 19, 2008
ISBN  2080300431
Pages  252

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More than thirty-two centuries ago, the glory of Ramses II shone over Egypt like the sun; he was considered to be a living god. His extraordinary sixty-seven year reign is extensively documented: no other Pharaoh left so many records of what he had hoped to achieve, nor constructed as many monuments, offering us a unique insight into his goals and motivations. In this scholarly yet accessible work, Christiane Desroches Noblecourt sheds new light on this fascinating figure. After years of research and visits to Ramses’ temples, she is able to demystify the great ruler and unlock the reality of his life and times—fact proves to be even more enthralling than fiction. From battles to temples, this is a comprehensive study of one of the most intriguing personalities of Antiquity. This book—a critically acclaimed best-seller in its original French edition—is now updated and illustrated with stunning color images, bringing the world of Ramses II back to life.

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