Pagan Trek

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Author  Hekataios Pindaros Amerikos
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   January 11, 2018
ISBN  198378480X
Pages  482

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This work is a history of Paganism and the Pagan folk from primordial times through ancient and medieval times. This work deals with Paganism and its history in a rational, intellectual way showing it and its history as a positive influence which should be embraced today. It is truly time for a new way of thinking, eliminating the blinders of monotheistic faith and belief. This book is designed to help guide the enquirer in that effort by providing a true and accurate history based upon the historical, literary, and archaeological evidence, coupled with ethics and philosophy. It is an effort to help modern Paganism in its quest for recognition as another religious system that can be accepted as legitimate by those of other religious faith systems. The history found within the pages of this work is not your common history of ancient beliefs, but is a work of many, many years of research and understanding developed through intense study and devotion to the ancient deities. It is a history that has long been delayed, but delayed no longer. If you, the reader, find that you have been missing something within your soul, but never quite knew what it might be, perhaps this is the book for you. It is designed to show you the way of the ancients. It is written with the intent that, you, the reader can, if desired, follow the ancient paths and find release and satisfaction thereby.

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