Operation Viking Hammer (Book published January 11, 2018)


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Author  Mark Giaconia
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   January 11, 2018
ISBN  1983635871
Pages  87

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Before the Iraq war in 2003, Green Beret teams infiltrated Northern Iraq, linked up with the CIA, and embedded deeply with the Kurdish Peshmerga to prepare for war. These special missions were called “Advanced Force Operations.” Subsequently, these special teams brought in the rest of the Green Berets during an operation called "the Ugly Baby," and then one of the most significant battles in Special Forces history occurred: "Operation Viking Hammer," where six Green Beret teams and a handful of CIA personnel, combined with approximately 8000 Peshmerga took back hundreds of square kilometers from almost 1000 Ansar Al Islam extremists, and secured a poison production facility of national level significance. This book is the only firsthand account of these essential Unconventional Warfare operations, written by an operator. This book is a subset of the title "One Green Beret" by Mark Giaconia; no need to buy both.

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