Letters to Lydia 'beloved Persis' (Book published July 20, 2018


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Author  Barbara Eaton
Publisher  Independently published
Publication Date   July 20, 2018
ISBN  1981071385
Pages  371

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Fact and Fiction: the 19th century love affair between Henry Martyn, a chaplain of the East India Company, and his 'beloved Persis' in Cornwall, Lydia Grenfell based on their letters and diaries. Summer 1805: Lydia Grenfell, the youngest daughter of a Cornish tin and copper agent confides in her diary her feelings for the young man who has fallen deeply in love with her. Henry Martyn, the young Cornishman, has excelled in Classics and mathematics at Cambridge. Newly ordained, he is setting forth on the long and adventurous voyage to India in his posting as a chaplain to the East India Company. Martyn will achieve recognition as a missionary and as the translator of the New Testament into Urdu, Farsi and Arabic. He will travel through India, Persia and Turkey while they continue their affair by letter, waiting anxiously up to 16 months for replies. But will Lydia remain at home in Marazion or will she be able to leave Cornwall behind and join him in India? In Letters to Lydia Barbara Eaton has used their letters and diaries to reveal Lydia’s story and iys central role in Henry’s life. Seventeen letters are transcribed in full and the book goes on to trace how the story is adapted in 19th Century fiction by Brontë, Mrs Sherwood, and Harriet Parr “This is a fascinating studyand deserves to be widely read. Barbara Eaton and Hypatia have performed an excellent service.” George Parr – Amazon Review of 1st edition. “A shining example of research and scholarship. Poignant … tragedy.” Ann Trevenan Jenkin, former Grand Bard, Cornish Gorseth: 2006 Holyer an Gof Trophy Awards for Literature. “This is in truth a bizarre tale … Barbara Eaton has gathered together the extant letters and they are a good read.” John Martin, Church Mission Society: The Church of England Newspaper.

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