Spartacus and the Slave Wars (Book published January 17, 2018


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Author  Hourly History
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   January 17, 2018
ISBN  1977662951
Pages  48

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Spartacus and the Slave Wars

Spartacus has passed into legend as an enduring symbol of righteousness in his noble battle for the freedom of man. This transcendent icon did not appear from the aether and had plenty of inspiration from the brave and often forgotten figures that stood before him. The actions of Spartacus and his rebellion against the Roman Republic offer a unique look into the details of commercial slavery in Rome, and its long-lasting effects on the evolution of a nation.

Inside you will read about...

- The Roman Acquisition of Slaves
- Life as a Roman Slave
- Runaway Slaves and the Stirrings of Rebellion
- The First and Second Servile Wars
- The Mysterious Origins of Spartacus
- Spartacus Leads an Army
- A Rebellion Defeated
And much more!

This book will take you through the Servile Wars, also known as the Slave Wars, which were a series of slave rebellions over a 60-year period of the Roman Republic’s history. Occurring in relatively quick succession, each Servile War increased in strength and fervor, until Spartacus and his allies nearly managed to bring the Republic to its knees.

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