Greek Alphabet


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Author  Catherine R. Proppe
Publisher  Catherine R Proppe
Publication Date   August 1, 2013
ISBN  1940274486
Pages  165

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What do the letters of the ancient Greek alphabet mean? Conventionally, the answer is that they are simply sounds without meaning. But the thing is, the ancient Greeks saw meaning in everything. They equated the natural world with the divine. They studied the world to understand divinity. In doing so, the ancient Greeks created the foundation of modern math, science, democracy, medicine, art, architecture, and language. In a culture that saw meaning in everything, is it likely that their written record consisted of sounds without meaning? Not very. Greek letters have meaning. Greek Alphabet: Unlock the Secrets explains why Greek letters are shaped the way they are, what they mean, and how these letters are used to form meaningful words. Spoiler alert: Omega is most definitely not the last letter of the Greek alphabet.

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