Early Times


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Author  Suzanne Strauss Art
Publisher  Wayside Publishing
Publication Date   April 9, 2013
ISBN  193802656X

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Have you ever wondered what the people of ancient Greece ate? How did they dress? Have you imagined what it might have been like as a child growing up in the Golden Age of Sparta or Athens? Early Greek society and culture come to life on every page with detailed insights into the daily lives of those who lived then.

From the dawn of the early Greek kingdoms, to the Golden Age of Sparta, Athens, and beyond, The Story of Ancient Greece explores four thousand years of Greek history from the Bronze Age to the Hellenistic Era.

You will explore:

  • Celebrated Kings and mighty heroes from great King Minos of Crete to the courageous King Leonidas of Sparta and the wars they waged, battles they fought, and deadly weaponry and tactics they employed.

  • Advances in science, technology, philosophy, theater, art, architecture, and government that established ancient Greece as the model for so much of modern western civilization.

  • Myths and legends of ancient Greek folklore as told in the epic tales of Homer and other bards passed on through the ages.

  • A glorious yet flawed pantheon of gods and goddesses, deities, oracles, and fantastic mythical creatures that pervaded the beliefs and superstitions of early Greek society.

Each chapter is followed by a short quiz, additional discussion points, and suggested activities to delve further into the marvels of ancient Greece.

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