Trojan Horse Beside the Nile


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Author  Jim Eyberg
Publisher  Mill City Press, Inc.
Publication Date   July 15, 2011
ISBN  1936780623
Pages  122

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A young student of archeology accidentally stumbles on evidence that suggests water was used to assist in constructing the Great Pyramid of Egypt. A mummy he befriends later presents him with irrefutable proof on the method of construction, the conditions for workers at the time of construction, and the real reason why Pharaoh Khufu undertook such a project in the first place.

In addition, this narrative contains the appendix of the mummy, which explains in detail just how the Ancient Egyptians constructed pyramids using only materials available to them at the time.

"The mummy's testimonial is absolutely jaw dropping!"
Lost Angeles Toombs.

"Each and every page contained tasty morsels..."
Omaha Gazelle.

"Like the Pharaoh said about papyrus, it's a great reed..."
Cairo. Harold.

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