Genesis Unbound


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Author  John H Sailhamer
Publisher  Dawson Media
Publication Date   March 28, 2011
ISBN  1935651218
Pages  264

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DO I REALLY HAVE TO CHOOSE BETWEEN RELIGION AND SCIENCE? In this ground-breaking work, Old Testament scholar John Sailhamer shines new light on the opening chapters of the Bible, revealing how centuries-old misunderstandings have continued to shape popular biblical interpretation as well as greatly contributing to unnecessary conflicts between the Bible and science. Pointing to answers found in the first two chapters of Genesis, Sailhamer presents a credible, scripturally supported, and much-needed explanation that opens the door to reconciliation of biblical and scientific world views. No matter what your position or background, you will be challenged to test your understanding of the Bible s critical opening sentences and reexamine your beliefs about the creation of the world through Genesis Unbound.

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