Anki's Odyssey


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Author  Pat Gentle
Publisher  Cyclamen Press
Publication Date   December 31, 2005
ISBN  1935488287
Pages  48

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Forced to leave her garden paradise on Naxos, Anki the plucky hedgehog sets out to find a new home. Thus begins her odyssey: a challenging journey full of adventure among people with strange beliefs about hedgehogs. Some of these date back to ancient times when images of hedgehogs were quite popular. The tale is based in part on real people, places, animals and events. At the end there is a stamp design contest and an opportunity for young readers to design their own stamps. Amply illustrated with charming pen and watercolor pictures, the story is suitable for anyone five or six years old, or older. The author is an independent scholar specializing in the Early Bronze Age art of the Cyclades.

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