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Publisher  Aegaeum
Publication Date   December 1, 1999
ISBN  1935488147
Pages  968

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Contents: Volume I ; Biography of Malcolm Wiener ; Philip P. BETANCOURT - Bibliography of Malcolm Wiener ; Robert ARNOTT - Healing Cult in Minoan Crete ; Joan ARUZ - The Oriental Impact on the Forms of Early Aegean Seals ; Jane A. BARLOW and Sarah J. VAUGHAN - Breaking into Cypriot Pottery: Recent Insights into Red Polished Ware ; George F. BASS - The Hull and Anchor of the Cape Gelidonya Ship ; Paolo BELLI - The 'Early Hypogaeum' at Knossos: some Hints for Future Investigations ; Philip P. BETANCOURT - What is Minoan? FN/EM I in the Gulf of Mirabello Region ; Fritz BLAKOMER - The History of Middle Minoan Wall Painting: The 'Kamares Connection' ; Edmund F. BLOEDOW - On Hunting Lions in Bronze Age Greece - Keith BRANIGAN - An Experiment in Field Survey in Eastern Crete ; Ian D. BULL, Philip P. BETANCOURT and Richard P. EVERSHED - Chemical Evidence for a Structured Agricultural Manuring Regime on the Island of Pseira, Crete during the Minoan Period ; Brendan BURKE - Purple and Aegean Textile Trade in the Early Second Millennium B.C. ; Gerald CADOGAN - Vronwy Hankey ; Jill CARINGTON-SMITH - Milk-Bowls: Some Pylos Pantries Revisited ; William CAVANAGH and Christopher MEE - Building the Treasury of Atreus ; John F. CHERRY - After Aidonia: Further Reflections on Attribution in the Aegean Bronze Age ; Stella CHRYSSOULAKI - A New Approach to Minoan Iconography - An Introduction: The Case of the Minoan Genii ; Eric H. CLINE - Coals to Newcastle, Wallbrackets to Tiryns: Irrationality, Gift Exchange, and Distance Value ; John E. COLEMAN - An Early Cycladic Marble Beaker from Theologos in East Lokris ; Michael COSMOPOULOS, Vasilis KILIKOGLOU, Ian K. WHITBREAD, Evangelia KIRIATZI - Characterization Studies of Bronze Age Pottery from Eleusis ; Veronica CREMASCO and Robert LAFFINEUR - The Engineering of Mycenaean Tholoi. The Circular Tomb at Thorikos Revisited ; Joost CROUWEL - A Recently Discovered Early Helladic Pendant from Geraki, Lakonia ; Janice CROWLEY - Essay on Ten Precious Gems : Originality in Aegean Art ; Tracey CULLEN - Scattered Human Bones at Franchthi Cave: Remnants of Ritual or Refuse? ; Mary K. DABNEY - Locating Mycenaean Cemeteries ; Jack L. DAVIS, John BENNET, and Cynthia W. SHELMERDINE - The Pylos Regional Archaeological Project: The Prehistoric Investigations ; Leslie Preston DAY - A Late Minoan IIIC Window Frame from Vronda, Kavousi ; Peter M. DAY, Eliezer D. OREN, Louise JOYNER and Patrick S. QUINN - Petrographic Analysis of The Tel Haror Inscribed Sherd: Seeking Provenance within Crete ; Katie DEMAKOPOULOU - A Mycenaean Terracotta Figure from Midea in the Argolid ; Oliver DICKINSON - The Catalogue of Ships and All That ; Heidi M.C. DIERCKX - The Late Minoan I Obsidian Workshop at Pseira, Crete - Nota DIMOPOULOU - The Marine Style Ewer from Poros ; Jan DRIESSEN - The Dismantling of a Minoan Hall at Palaikastro (Knossians go Home ?) ; Hayat ERKANAL - Early Bronze Age Fortification Systems in Izmir Region ; Don EVELY - Mats and Baskets: Some Observations on their Study ; Cheryl FLOYD - The Minoan Scoop - Elizabeth B. FRENCH and Jonathan E. TOMLINSON - The Mainland "Conical Cup" ; Noel H. GALE and Zofia A. STOS-GALE - Copper Oxhide Ingots and the Aegean Metals Trade. New Perspectives ; Senta C. GERMAN - The Politics of Dancing: A Reconsideration of the Motif of Dancing in Bronze Age Greece ; Geraldine GESELL - Ritual Kalathoi in the Shrine at Kavousi - Carole GILLIS - The Significance of Color for Metals in the Aegean Bronze Age ; Louis GODART - L'ecriture d'Arkhanes : hieroglyphique ou Lineaire A ? ; Donald C. HAGGIS - Some Problems in Defining Dark Age Society in the Aegean ; Volume II; Erik and Birgitta P. HALLAGER - Nodules and LM IIIB Kydonian Pottery from the Little Palace at Knossos ; Paul HALSTEAD - Surplus and Share-croppers: the Grain Production Strategies of Mycenaean Palaces ; Vronwy HANKEY, illustrated by Henry HANKEY - A Tale of Eighteen Sherds ; Julie HANSEN - Konispol Cave Plant Remains ; Halford HASKELL - Aspects of the Nature and Control of Mycenaean Foreign Trade ; Georgia HATZI-SPILIOPOULOU - A Mycenaean Stone Vase from Messenia ; Barbara HAYDEN - The Coastal Settlement of Priniatikos Pyrgos: Archaeological Evidence, Topography, and Environment ; Sean HEMINGWAY - Copper and Bronze Objects from Minoan Pseira ; Stefan HILLER - Egyptian Elements on the Hagia Triada Sarcophagus ; Louise A. HITCHCOCK - A Near Eastern Perspective on Ethnicity in Minoan Crete: The Further Tale of Conical Cups... ; Sinclair HOOD - Aspects of Minoan Chronology ; Athanasia KANTA - Monastiraki and Phaistos, Elements of Protopalatial History ; Vassos KARAGEORGHIS - A Mycenaean Pilgrim Flask Re-Examined ; Efi KARANTZALI - New Mycenaean Finds from Rhodes ; Dora KATSONOPOULOU - Mycenaean Helike ; Carl KNAPPETT - Can't Live without Them Producing and Consuming Minoan Conical Cups ; Robert B. KOEHL - The Creto-Mycenaean Earrings of Queen Nofretari ; Eleni KONSOLAKI-YANNOPOULOU - A Group of New Mycenaean Horsemen from Methana ; Katerina KOPAKA and Angeliki KOSSYVA - An Island's Isles: Crete and its Insular Components. A Preliminary Approach ; Gunter KOPCKE - Akrotiri: West House. Some Reflections ; Kyriacos LAMBRIANIDES and Nigel SPENCER - Archaeological Survey in an Alluvial Delta on the Aegean Coast of Turkey: Methodological Problems and Solutions ; Sandy MacGILLIVRAY, Hugh SACKETT and Jan DRIESSEN - 'Aspro Pato.' A Lasting Liquid Toast from the Master-Builders of Palaikastro to their Patron ; Sturt W. MANNING - Knossos and the Limits of Settlement Growth ; Nanno MARINATOS - Bull Hides as Dadoes and Emblems of Prestige in Creto-Mycenaean Palaces ; Manolis MELAS - The Ethnography of Minoan and Mycenaean Beekeeping ; Nicoletta MOMIGLIANO - A Note on A.J. Evans's The Palace of Minos: a Comparative Account of the Successive Stages of the Early Cretan Civilization as Illustrated by the Discoveries at Knossos ; Margaret S. MOOK - Cooking Dishes From the Kastro ; Penelope A. MOUNTJOY - Late Minoan IIIC / Late Helladic IIIC: Chronology and Terminology ; James D. MUHLY - The Phoenicians in the Aegean ; Maryanne W. NEWTON and Peter I. KUNIHOLM - Wiggles Worth Watching Making Radiocarbon Work. The Case of Catal Hoyuk ; Ann M. NICGORSKI - Polypus and the Poppy: Two Unusual Rhyta from the Mycenaean Cemetery at Mochlos ; Barbara and Wolf-Dietrich NIEMEIER - The Minoans of Miletus ; Marianna NIKOLAIDOU - A Symbolic Perspective on Protopalatial Ideologies and Administration: Formulaic Uses of Religious Imagery ; Lucia NIXON - Women, Children, and Weaving ; Gullog NORDQUIST - Pairing of Pots in the Middle Helladic Period ; Krzysztof NOWICKI - Final Neolithic Refugees or Early Bronze Age Newcomers ? The Problem of Defensible Sites in Crete in the Late Fourth Millennium B.C. ; Gareth OWENS - Linear A in the Aegean: Further Travels of the Minoan Script. A Study of the 30+ Extra-Cretan Minoan Inscriptions ; Thomas G. PALAIMA and Elizabeth SIKKENGA - Linear A > Linear B ; Clairy PALYVOU - Theran Architecture Through the Minoan Looking Glass ; Marina PANAGIOTAKI - Minoan Faience-and Glass-Making: Techniques and Origins - Maria-Photini PAPACONSTANTINOU - The Grave Circle B of Antron. Preliminary Report ; John K. PAPADOPOULOS - Tricks and Twins: Nestor, Aktorione-Molione, the Agora Oinochoe and the Potter Who Made Them ; Volume III; George PAPASAVVAS, Polymnia MUHLY and Angeliki LEBESSI - Weapons for Men and Gods: Three Knossian Swords from the Syme Sanctuary ; Alice Boccia PATERAKIS - A Conservation Survey of Bronze Age Metals in the Athenian Agora ; Ingo PINI - Minoische 'Portrats'? ; Lefteris PLATON - New Evidence for the Occupation at Zakros, before the LM I Palace ; Jean-Claude POURSAT - Ivoires Chypro-Egeens: de Chypre a Minet-el-Beida et Mycenes ; John PRAG, Richard A.H. NEAVE and Denise SMITH - The Face of Pelops ; Daniel J. PULLEN - Early Aegean Daggers: An Example from Tsoungiza, Ancient Nemea ; George (Rip) RAPP, Jr - Copper, Tin, and Arsenic Sources in the Aegean Bronze Age ; Paul REHAK - The Monkey Frieze from Xeste 3, Room 4: Reconstruction and Interpretation ; Colin RENFREW - The Loom of Language and the Versailles Effect ; George RETHEMIOTAKIS - The Hearths of the Minoan Palace at Galatas ; David W. RUPP and Metaxia TSIPOPOULOU - Conical Cup Concentrations at Neopalatial Petras: A Case for a Ritualized Reception Ceremony with Token Hospitality ; Adamantios SAMPSON - Aulis mycenienne et la route maritime de l'Egee du Nord ; Wolfgang SCHIERING - Goddesses, Dancing and Flower-Gathering Maidens in Middle Minoan Vase Painting ; Demetrius U. SCHILARDI - The Mycenaean Horseman (?) of Koukounaries ; Elizabeth SCHOFIELD - Conical Cups in Context ; Joseph W. SHAW - A Tale of Three Bases ; Maria C. SHAW - The Enigma of the U-Shaped Motifs in Minoan And Mycenaean Architectural Representations ; Elizabeth SIMPSON - Early Evidence for the Use of the Lathe in Antiquity ; Jeffrey S. SOLES - The Ritual "Killing" of Pottery and the Discovery of a Mycenaean Telestas at Mochlos ; Alison SOUTH - A Fishy Stirrup Jar and More About Aegean Connections at Kalavasos ; Louise STEEL - Wine Kraters and Chariots: the Mycenaean Pictorial Style Reconsidered ; Thomas F. STRASSER - Bothroi in the Aegean Early Bronze Age ; Thomas F. TARTARON, Curtis RUNNELS and Evangelia KARIMALI - Prolegomena to the Study of Bronze Age Flaked Stone in Southern Epirus ; Carol G. THOMAS - Monarchy in Ruins ; Iphigenia TOURNAVITOU - Hearths in Non Palatial Settlement Contexts. The LBA Period in the Peloponnese ; Rene TREUIL - Les "maisons Dessenne" a Malia ; Metaxia TSIPOPOULOU - Before, During, After: The Architectural Phases of the Palatial Building at Petras, Siteia ; Iris TZACHILI - Before Sailing : The Making of Sails in the Second Millennium B.C. ; Anastasia TZIGOUNAKI - Apodhoulou. Elements of Architecture of a Protopalatial Settlement ; Lucia VAGNETTI - The Oldest Discovery of Mycenaean Pottery in Sicily ; Despina VALLIANOU and Symeon PARCHAPIDIS - The Acropolis of Smari (Crete). An Approach to the Planning and Construction of the External Walls (Enclosure) ; Henri et Micheline VAN EFFENTERRE - A propos du "Vase des moissonneurs" ; Gisela WALBERG - The Megaron Complex on the Lower Terraces at Midea ; Pet...

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