Ancestral Airs


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Author  Verda Smedley
Publisher  Dim Light Books
Publication Date   October 24, 2017
ISBN  1934703303
Pages  700


Ancestral Airs is a one of a kind opportunity for the reader to enter and interact with the richness and vast cultural knwledge of the Tribal British Isles. For thousands of years shrouded in the deepest of mystery are the elusive people who knew that world more completely than perhaps we know our own. Six millennia ago they were already ages old possessing wisdom that we could certainly use more of today. Verda Smedley has achieved an epic combination of real science and the wonder of life and living in the rich tapestry of seasons and reasons, hopes and prayers entwined in the sure knowledge of love and the tangibility of the sacred. Ancestral Airs is the type of book that changes the way one views the world around you simply by showing what was/is and always will be part of our knowing the cyclic nature of coming full circle on any testing of ways to think and be. Both science and literature, Ancestral Airs is a wonderful journey into the known, the unknown and ultimately the unknowable but still accessible world of ages long gone populated with characters both rare and beautiful. 700 pgs. with extensive botanical cross-indexes. -Jesse Shakespeare, Publisher-

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