Mysteries of the Ancient World


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Author  Douglas W. Phillips
Publisher  Vision Forum
Publication Date   October 1, 2012
ISBN  1934554839

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Journey with Doug Phillips for an intriguing look at some of the most fascinating mysteries of the ancient and modern world. Investigate the ''mystery'' of our origins; explore the Nephilim, ''the great men of renown'' of Noah's day; consider the amazing wonders of the moon; and trek through the lost civilizations of South America -- from Machu Picchu and the legacy of the stone masons, to the Ica stones and Nazca lines. Finally, come to the Galapagos Islands -- Darwin's Eden -- and learn how the observations made by the father of modern evolution are wrong.

The Mysteries of the Ancient World MP3 album includes:

The Mystery of Origins: The Cosmic Implications of Creation Ex Nihilo

The Mystery of the Moon: From Godsend to Goddess

The Mystery of the Nephilim Presented: Harbingers of Global Judgment

The Mystery of the Nephilim Solved: Discovering the True Giants of Paganism Past

The Mystery of the Ica Stones and the Nazca Lines: Dragon Riders and Owl Men

The Mystery of the Incas: Machu Picchu and the Lost Legacy of the Stone Masons

The Mystery of the Galapagos: Laboratory of Evolution or Testimony to Creation?

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