Ur III Tablets from The Columbia University Libraries...


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Author  S. Garfinkle
Publisher  Capital Decisions Ltd
Publication Date   July 15, 2010
ISBN  1934309281
Pages  341

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The Columbia University tablet collection had been copied by Herbert Sauren but his copies never published. Recently David I. Owen obtained the original copies from Sauren and encouraged S. Garfinkle and M. Van de Mieroop to prepare and make available for studya text edition (of mostly Ur III). The volume contains complete transliterations with accompanying in-text copies by Sauren, along with full transliterations and indexes. The tablets relate directly to the archives from Drehem and Umma and add a significant body of new data to these well known archives. This book is particularly useful to those interested in the history and culture of late, third-millennium Mesopotamia.

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