Echoes of Egypt

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Author  Colleen Manassa
Publisher  Yale Egyptological Seminar
Publication Date   April 16, 2013
ISBN  193378900X
Pages  100

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Echoes of Egypt is a catalog accompanying an exhibit at Yale's Peabody Museum of Natural History. Edited by Colleen Manassa, the catalog also includes entries by international experts. Documenting two thousand years of the reception of ancient Egypt throughout the world, Echoes of Egypt transcends the typical account on Nineteenth and Twentieth Century 'Egyptomania'. The first chapter includes a chronological overview of the exhibit, ranging from ancient Meroe, Greece and Rome, and medieval Arab-Islamic fascination with hieroglyphs to Piranesi's interior designs and the impact of Napoleon's invasion. Additional chapters focus on the meaning and changing uses of hieroglyphs, 'mummy mania', and Egyptosophy. Full color images complement the text.

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