Shaolin Fitness Secrets


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Author  Robert LaPointe
Publisher  Great Mind
Publication Date   October 17, 2017
ISBN  1933475005
Pages  135


This method was "rediscovered" by Rob LaPointe in his travels to China and Japan - and now it's catching on world wide. Rob's a 4th degree Black Sash and a Sparring and Push Hands Gold Medalist who's taught FBI, CIA, ATF, DIA, and DOD. He's even done a "special request" workshop for U.S. State Department personnel prior to deployment overseas, and in 1999 he was a featured speaker at the Annual Convention of the American Physical Therapy Association. Over the years he's acquired some of the most effective and intriguing fighter's conditioning drills I've ever seen. His program is based on the "Animal Styles" training of Chinese Kung Fu. The secrets of the ancient's are really the secrets of the animals. Crane teaches balance and rooting Tiger tones and energizes every muscle Eagle develops grasping strength Snake gives flexibility and quickness Dragon trains laser-sharp concentration Whether you're a ring fighter, or an average guy frustrated by stubborn flab, this program evicts fat, evolves skill, and bestows a monk's mental focus.

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