History of the World B.C.


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Author  Doug Phillips
Publisher  Vision Forum, Inc.
Publication Date   April 11, 2006
ISBN  1933431318

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Covering the first four millennia of earth history, B.C. contains twenty lectures from the 2006 History of the World Mega-Conference, covering the pre-flood world, the history of the ancient Babylonians, the Hebrew nation, the establishment of Rome, as well as ancient legal systems. These presentations are designed to dispel anti-Christian myths of historiography, establish a distinctively biblical grid for interpreting historical events, while covering, millennium by millennium, key themes in the rise and fall of civilizations.

Included in this album:

* Six Thousand Years of Earth History In an Hour -- Doug Phillips

*The Greatest Themes of the First Two Millennia of Earth History -- Dr. Paul Jehle

* A Defense of the Universality of the Genesis Flood -- Dr. John Whitcomb

* The Implications of the Genesis Flood on Earth History -- Dr. John Whitcomb

* The Search For Noah's Ark -- Dr. John Morris

* The History of The Ice Age -- Dr. John Morris

* The Greatest Themes of the Third and Fourth Millennia of Earth History -- Dr. Paul Jehle

* The Tower of Babel and the Dispersion of the Nations -- Dr. John Whitcomb

* One Blood: The Origin of the Races -- Dr. John MorrisIII

*The Puzzle of Ancient Man -- Douglas Phillips

* Controversies in Biblical Chronology -- Dr. Floyd JonesIII

* A Biblical History of Mathematics -- Dr. Floyd Jones

* The History of Books and Libraries -- William Potter

* The History of the Hebrew Nation, Part 1 -- Col. John Eidsmoe

* The History of the Hebrew Nation, Part 2 -- Col. John Eidsmoe

* A Survey of Ancient Legal Systems: Old World -- Col. John Eidsmoe

* The Meaning of Rome -- Dr. George Grant

* The Meaning of the Incarnation for Earth History -- Dr. Joseph Morecraft III

* Special Providences of God in the Advance of Christendom -- Douglas Phillips

* The Long War Against God-- Dr. John Whitcomb

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