The Archaeology of Heinrich Schliemann

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Author  Curtis Runnels
Publisher  Archaeological Institute of America
Publication Date   May 15, 2007
ISBN  1931909156
Pages  100

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Heinrich Schliemann is perhaps the best-known name in archaeology as the result of his excavations and publications on the Aegean World and Mycenaean civilisation. Despite his fame, and the many biographical sketches that have documented his early life, rise to fortune, marriages, and success as a pioneering archaeologist, few writers have considered the evidence of Schliemann's growing experience as an archaeologist. This engaging extended essay offers a critical appreciation of Schliemann's archaeological work based on his many publications. For the first time in English, his publications are used to document the evolution of Schliemann's archaeological career. A complete listing of all of Schliemann's archaeological publications is provided. This new edition is updated with additional information and references.

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