The Three Character Classic

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Author  Yinglin Wang
Publisher  Homa & Sekey Books
Publication Date   January 1, 2011
ISBN  1931907714
Pages  218

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There is a renewed interest in understanding traditional Chinese language and culture. The Three Character Classic: A Bilingual Reader of China's ABCs serves that purpose. Known as San Zi Jing in Chinese, it has been a literacy text since the 13th century. The Three Character Classic has stood the test of time and space through its rich content as well as its literary beauty in simplicity in style. Comparable to a pocket encyclopedia, the book overviews Chinese history and important historical works, illustrating the fundamentals of Confucianism while teaching the basics of math, sciences, music, and moral lessons. Readers will find pleasure in reading these stories, and the book serves as a key to opening more doors to the understanding of Chinese culture. Special Features of the Book The original text was based on one of the earliest versions in existence, published in 1778. The Chinese text of San Zi Jing is in both simplified and traditional characters, with pinyin. There is a bilingual translation of the classic Chinese into modern Chinese and English. Individual words of classic Chinese are selected and annotated with English translation. A background information section is provided for each chapter to help readers better understand Chinese culture and the context of the original text. Matching illustrations are added to some stories. About the Translator/Annotator Phebe Xu Gray received her Ph.D. from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. She teaches Chinese language and culture at Lee University in Cleveland, TN. She enjoys teaching, reading, traveling, doing housework, and thinking about history.

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