The Valley Farms Sites


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Publisher  SWCA Environmental Consultants
Publication Date   August 15, 2008
ISBN  1931901228
Pages  242

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Archaeological investigations by SWCA Environmental Consultants revealed stratified archaeological deposits dating to the Late Archaic-Early Agricultural period. Excavations identified ephemeral structures, features, and artifact assemblages indicating seasonal reoccupation of this portion of the Santa Cruz River floodplain dating to the San Pedro period, 3100-2700 B.P. The dates for the Archaic period component were defined with 20 AMS dates on maize, making it contemporaneous with other early sites in the Tucson Basin. One date, 3145±50 B.P. is one of the earliest dates for maize in the American Southwest. Additionally, excavations revealed pre-Classic and Classic period Hohokam components including pit structures and cremations. 

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