Ancient Hellenistic and Roman Amphitheatres... (Book published


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Author  Raymond G. Chase
Publisher  Peter E. Randall Publisher
Publication Date   November 1, 2002
ISBN  1931807086
Pages  662

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This is the first collection of pictures of almost all the ancient theatres, odeons, bouleuterions, stadiums, and amphitheatres in existence. Sure to give enjoyment to the armchair traveler, this clothbound volume is also an essential reference for all those interested in ancient architecture.
The purpose of this book is to tempt similar-minded others with a passionate bent toward Hellenistic and Roman theatres and amphitheatres (and temples, aqueducts, bridges, and triumphal arches) to drive the borders of the Mediterranean and revel in and marvel at these ancient glories. It was the pleasure of the drive through these beautiful and generally hospitable countries almost as much as the "discovery" of ruins that beguiled the author and his wife to compile the collection.

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