A Commentary on the Architecture of the North Acropolis...

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Author  H. Stanley Loten
Publisher  Univ Pennsylvania Museum Pubs
Publication Date   June 12, 2007
ISBN  1931707987
Pages  144

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A comprehensive series of reconstructed views rendered in colors approximating the original finishes of polished plaster and paint, with 42 different stages of development in three-dimensional form, show what the Acropolis looked like at various times from ca. 330 BCE to CE 600. On an accompanying CD-ROM 112 color plates include constructions of individual structures and some photos of Acropolis fabric at the time of excavation and consolidation. The text accompanying the color plates provides a rationale for the sequences illustrated and an interpretation of ancient Maya intentions in developing the architectural forms that were found, including ideas of rulership and monumental architecture.

Content of this book's CD-ROM may be found online at this location: http://core.tdar.org/project/376585.

University Museum Monograph, 128

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