Malyan Excavation Reports, Volume III

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Author  William M. Sumner
Publisher  University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
Publication Date   April 29, 2003
ISBN  1931707456
Pages  615

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This book provides summary data on the archaeological excavations of Banesh Period (ca. 3400-2600 B.C.) levels in Operation ABC at Tal-e Malyan, site of the Elamite royal city of Anshan. These levels cover the critical centuries when complex urban life evolved in Mesopotamia and Iran.

Sumner describes and illustrates a wide variety of finds—pottery vessels, stone and metal artifacts, shell and mineral ornaments, proto-Elamite clay tablets, cylinder seals and clay sealings, raw materials, and production by-products. He discusses these finds in terms of production, usage, and stylistic variation, and he includes either technical analyses contributed by specialists in flint technology, metallurgy, sea shells, and glyptic or summaries of analyses published by specialists in zooarchaeology, archaeobotany, materials science, and epigraphy.

University Museum Monograph, 117

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