Daidalos at Work (Book published November 2, 2018)


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Author  Clairy Palyvou
Publisher  INSTAP Academic Press (Institute for Aegean Prehistory)
Publication Date   November 2, 2018
ISBN  1931534942
Pages  260

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The Bronze Age was a time of affluence and innovation for Crete, a unique "moment" in the early history of architecture that, in a bizarre way, echos the modern world of the 20th century AD. The mythical Daidalos, with his many attributes and tasks, stands for the protoype of "an architect at work," following orders and desires set by his clients and by society. The labyrinth, as a paradigm of order, stands for the primordial idea of architeccture and a metaphor of human existence. In this book, architecture is the protagonist and phenomoneology the basic tool of thought. It addresses archaeologists, architectural historians, and architects alike, in the hope that it will prove useful to those interested in understanding the Minoan world through its architecture as much as those interested in exploring architecture through the Minoan paradigm.

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