The Commentaries of Julius Caesar


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Author  Gaius Julius Caesar
Publisher  Audio Connoisseur
Publication Date   February 1, 2004
ISBN  1929718446


2 MP3-CDs, Unabridged, With Music and Sound Effects, Running Time: 16 hours 42 minutes Julius Caesar wrote his exciting "Commentaries" during some of the most grueling campaigns ever undertaken by a Roman army. "The Gallic Wars" and "The Civil Wars" constitute the greatest series of military dispatches ever written. As literature, they are representative of the finest expressions of Latin prose in its "golden" age, a benchmark of elegant style and masculine brevity imitated by young schoolboys for centuries.

One of the most daring and brilliant generals of all time, Julius Caesar combined the elements of tactical genius with the shrewdness of a master politician. He was an astute judge of men's character, their strengths and weaknesses. Whenever possible, he exercised restraint and mercy even when his worst enemies were in his power. But he also knew when and how to mete out stern punishment and his swift retaliations became a hallmark of his career. With his charismatic leadership, his powerful intellect, and his magnetic personal charm, Julius Caesar became the idol of men and women everywhere. The fanatic loyalty of his troops and the adulation of the Roman public propelled him to the pinnacle of power. Historian Will Durant called him "the most complete man that antiquity produced."

Follow along in this recording as Julius Caesar, in 50 B.C., undertakes the awesome enterprise of subduing savage Gaul, an area roughly the size of Texas. That task was barely completed before his enemies in Rome struck, igniting the bloody Civil War that engulfed most of the Roman Empire and afterward left Caesar in supreme power. © and (P)2004 Audio Connoisseur

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