From Caligula to Constantine& Transformation...


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Publisher  Michael C Carlos Museum
Publication Date   January 1, 2001
ISBN  1928917011
Pages  252

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For centuries after their reigns, the "bad" emperors of Rome have captured the popular imagination, their legends inspiring novels, works of art, and films. "From Caligula to Constantine" explores how these and other notorious figures of Roman history were portrayed during their lifetimes, and the reaction to their deaths. In a world without mass media, portraits in stone, bronze, and other materials broadcast the ruler's image throughout the empire, exalting him and representing him in the best possible light. When an emperor was overthrown, the portraits could themselves suffer a violent fate. When an emperor or empress was condemned, a portrait could be simply removed and discarded; it could be deliberately disfigured; or it could be removed and reworked to represent someone else. "From Caligula to Constantine" focuses on the "bad" emperors and empresses of Rome, exploring their legends, their personalities, and their representation in sculptures, gems, and coins.

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