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Publisher  Archaeopress Archaeology
Publication Date   June 25, 2011
ISBN  1905739400
Pages  436

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Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies Volume 41 2011, Papers from the forty-fourth meeting, held at the British Museum, London, 22-24 July 2010.

Contents: 1) Some observations on women in Omani sources (Olga Andriyanova); 2) Archaeological landscape characterization in Qatar through satellite and aerial photographic analysis, 2009 to 2010 (Paul Breeze, Richard Cuttler & Paul Collins); 3) Fishing kit implements from KHB-1: net sinkers and lures (poster) (Fabio Cavulli & Simona Scaruffi); 4) The distribution of storage and diversion dams in the western mountains of South Arabia during the Himyarite period (Julien Charbonnier); 5) Assessing the value of palaeoenvironmental data and geomorphological processes for understanding Late Quaternary population dynamics in Qatar (Richard Cuttler, Emma Tetlow & Faisal al-Naimi); 6) Les fortifications de Khor Ror? - 'Sumhuram' (poster) (Christian Darles); 7) Places of contact, spheres of interaction. The Ubaid phenomenon in the central Gulf area as seen from a first season of reinvestigations at Dosariyah (Daws?riyyah), Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia (Philipp Drechsler0; 8) khushub musannadah (Qur?n 63. 4) and Epigraphic South Arabian ms3nd (Orhan Elmaz); 9) Walled structures and settlement patterns in the south-western part of Dhofar, Oman (poster) (Roman Garba & Peter Farrington);10) The wall and talus at Bar?qish, ancient Yathill (al-Jawf, Yemen): a Minaean stratigraphy (Francesco G. Fedele); 11) Through evangelizing eyes: American missionaries to Oman (Hilal al-Hajri); 12) Quantified analysis of long-term settlement trends in the northern Oman peninsula (Nasser Said al-Jahwari); 13) Yeha and Hawelti: cultural contacts between Saba and DMT - New research by the German Archaeological Institute in Ethiopia (Sarah Japp, Iris Gerlach, Holger Hitgen & Mike Schnelle); 14) The Kadhima Project: investigating an Early Islamic settlement and landscape on Kuwait Bay (poster) (Derek Kennet, Andrew Blair, Brian Ulrich & Sultan M. al-Duw?sh); 15) Typology of incense-burners of the Islamic period (Sterenn Le Maguer); 16) A geomorphological and hydrological underpinning for archaeological research in northern Qatar (Phillip G. Macumber); 17) Recent investigations at the prehistoric site RH-5 (Ras al-Hamr?, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman) (Lapo Gianni Marcucci, Francesco Genchi, Émilie Badel & Maurizio Tosi); 18) Geoarchaeological investigations at the site of Julf?r (al-Nud?d and al-Mat?f), Ras al-Khaymah, UAE: preliminary results from the auger-hole survey (poster) (Mike Morley, Robert Carter & Christian Velde); 19) Conserving and contextualizing national cultural heritage: the 3-D digitization of the fort at al-Zub?rah and petroglyphs at Jabal al-Jus?siyyah, Qatar (poster) (Helen Moulden, Richard Cuttler & Shane Kelleher); 20) Reassessing W?d? Debayan (W?d? al-Dabay?n): an important Early Holocene Neolithic multi-occupational site in western Qatar (poster) (Faisal al-Naimi, Kathryn M. Price, Richard Cuttler & Hatem Arrock); 21) Research on an Islamic period settlement at Ras Ushayriq in northern Qatar and some observations on the occurrence of date presses (Andrew Petersen); 22) Relations between southern Arabia and the northern Horn of Africa during the last millennium BC (David W. Phillipson); 23) Bayt Bin ?t? in the Qatt?rah oasis: a prehistoric industrial site and the formation of the oasis landscape of al-Ain, UAE (Timothy Power & Peter Sheehan); 24) The Sabaic inscription A-20-216: a new Sabaean-Seleucid synchronism (Alessia Prioletta); 25) Al-Suwaydirah (old al-Taraf) and its Early Islamic inscriptions (Saad bin Abdulaziz al-Rashid); 26) Investigations in al-Zub?rah hinterland at Murayr and al-Furayhah, north-west Qatar (poster) (Gareth Rees, Tobias Richter & Alan Walmsley); 27) Pearl fishers, townsfolk, Bedouin, and shaykhs: economic and social relations in Islamic al-Zub?rah (Tobias Richter, Paul Wordsworth & Alan Walmsley); 28) Contemporary tribal versions of local history in Hadramawt (Mikhail Rodionov); 29) A view of the defence strategy of Muharraq, a tribal town in the Gulf (poster); 30) Solaiman Abd al-Rahm?n al-Theeb, New Nabataean inscriptions from the site of al-S?j in the region of al-Ul?, Saudi Arabia (Abdulla Al-Sulaiti); 31) Al-Zub?rah Archaeological Park as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site - a master plan for its site management, preservation, and presentation (poster) (Ingolf Thuesen & Moritz Kinzel); 32) Oman and Bahrain in Late Antiquity: the Sasanians' Arabian periphery (Brian Ulrich); 33) From the port of Mocha to the eighteenth-century tomb of Im?m al-Mahd? Mu?ammad in al-Maw?hib: locating architectural icons and migratory craftsmen (Nancy Um); 34) Drummers of the Najd: musical practices from W?d? al-Daw?sir, Saudi Arabia (Lisa Urkevich); 35) The Jewel of Muscat Project: reconstructing an early ninth-century CE Shipwreck (Tom Vosmer, Luca Belfioretti, Eric Staples & Alessandro Ghidoni); 36) Lateral fricatives and lateral emphatics in southern Saudi Arabia and Mehri (Janet C.E. Watson & Munira Al-Azraqi).

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