Our Cups Are Full

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Author  Walter Gauss
Publisher  Archaeopress Archaeology
Publication Date   June 15, 2011
ISBN  1905739397
Pages  392

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A collection of papers presented to Jeremy Rutter to mark his 65th Birthday.

1) The LH IIIA2-IIIB Transition: The Gurob and Saqqara Evidence Reassessed (David A. Aston); 2) Daskalio (Vathy), Kalymnos: A Late Bronze I Sacred Cave in the East Aegean (Mario Benzi); 3) The Diagonal Line Class Juglets: New Evidence from Hagios Charalambos (Philip P. Betancourt); 4) In Search of the Upper Story of LM I House A.1 at Papadiokampos: An Integrated Architectural and Ceramic Perspective (T.M. Brogan, Ch. Sofianou, and J.E. Morison); 5) Minding the Gaps in Early Helladic Laconia (William Cavanagh and Christopher Mee); 6) Subminoan: A Neglected Phase of the Cretan Pottery Sequence (Anna Lucia D'Agata); 7) Spoons to Fill the Cups (Jeannette Forsén); 8) The Stirrup Jar: Does the West House Evidence Help or Complicate the Problems? (Elizabeth French); 9) The Middle Helladic Large Building Complex at Kolonna. A Preliminary View (Walter GauSS, Michael Lindblom, and Rudolfine Smetana); 10) Cretan Perfumed Oils at Enkomi (Cyprus) in the 13th Century B.C.? (Giampaolo Graziadio); 11) Early Helladic Vases from Zygouries in the Metropolitan Museum of Art: Cultural Ambassadors of an Early Age (Seán Hemingway); 12) Palm and Altar (Stefan Hiler); 13) The Cypriot Ceramic Cargo of the Uluburun Shipwreck (N. Hirschfeld); 14) Mycenaean Vending Cups in Syria? Thoughts about the Unpainted Mycenaean Pottery from Tell Kazel (Reinhard Jung); 15) Preliminary Remarks about the Pottery from the So-called Grande Frana at Phaistos (V. La Rosa); 16) The Chronology of the Lerna Shaft Graves (Michael Lindblom and Sturt W. Manning); 17) Our Storerooms Are Full. Impressed Pithoi from Late Bronze/Early Iron Age East Lokris and Phokis and their Socio-economic Significance (Bart?omiej Lis and t?pán Rueckl); 18) Contested Pasts-The Society of the 12th c. B.C.E. Argolid and the Memory of the Mycenaean Palatial Period (Joseph Maran); 19) An Update on the Provenance by Neutron Activation Analysis of Near Eastern Mycenaean IIIC Pottery Groups with Particular Reference to Cyprus (P. A. Mountjoy); 20) Once More with Feeling: Jeremy Rutter's Plea for the Abandonment of the Term Submycenaean Revisited (John K. Papadopoulos, Brian N. Damiata, and John M. Marston); 21) Fragments of the Pottery Equipment of an Early Middle Helladic Household from Aspis, Argos (A. Philipa -Touchais and G. Touchais); 22) Picking out Pots in Patterns: Feasting in Early Helladic Greece (Daniel J. Pullen); Early Helladic Peak Sanctuaries in Attica? (Florian Ruppenstein); 23) Vox Clamantis in Campo: Further Thoughts on Ceramics and Site Survey (Robert Schon); 24) A Decorated Minoan Pyxis from House X at Kommos (Maria C. Shaw); 25) The 'Friendly Krater' from Iklaina (Cynthia W. Shelmerdine); 26) Learning to Learn from Bronze Age Pots: A Perspective on Forty Years of Aegean Ceramic Studies in the Work of J.B. Rutter (Susan Sherratt); 27) A Unique Late Minoan III Ring-shaped Vase from the Myrsini Aspropilia Cemetery (R. Angus K. Smith); 28) The Cyclades and Pylos: An Early Bronze Age Stone Pyxis from Ali Chodza (Sharon R. Stocker and Jack L. Davia); 29) An Aegean Glance at Megiddo (Philip W. Stockhamer); 30) Mycenaean Tablewares and the Curious Careers of the Angular Kylix and Shallow Angular Basin (Patrick M. Thomas); 31) The Phaistos Palace and the Kamares Cave: A Special Relationship (A. Van de Moortel); 32) Seats of Power? Making the Most of Miniatures-The Role of Terracotta Throne Models in Disseminating Mycenaean Religious Ideology (Melisa Vetters); 33) The Late Helladic IIIA2 Pottery from Mitrou and its Implications for the Chronology of the Mycenaean Mainland (Salvatore Vitale); 34) "Ceremonial Lerna" (Martha Heath Wiencke); 35) Conical Cups: From Mystery to History (Malcolm H. Wiener); 36) Interpreting Quantitative Analyses of Mycenaean Pottery (James C. Wright and Mary K. Dabney); 37) Our Cups Overfloweth: "Kabri Goblets" and Canaanite Feasts in the Middle Bronze Age Levant (Assaf Yas ur-Landau, Eric H. Cline, and Inbal Samet).

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