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Author  Stephen Hodkinson
Publisher  Classical Press of Wales
Publication Date   August 24, 2010
ISBN  1905125267
Pages  348

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This is the 7th volume from the International Sparta Seminar, in the series begun in 1989 by Anton Powell with Stephen Hodkinson. The volume is both thematic and eclectic. Contents: Elements of the Spartan bestiary in the Archaic and Classical periods (Nicolas Richer); Divination, royalty and insecurity in Classical Sparta (Anton Powell); Sparta and the politics of nudity (Ephraim David); Laconian black-figure pottery and Spartan elite consumption (Andrew Scott); The ghost of the Lakedaimonian state (Jean Ducat); Spartans and Scythians, a meeting of mirages: the portrayal of the Lycurgan Politeia in Ephorus' Histories (Paul Christesen); Gynecocracy: how women policed masculine behavior in Archaic and Classical Sparta (Thomas J. Figueira); Sparta and Nazi Germany in mid-20th-century British liberal and left-wing thought (Stephen Hodkinson).

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