Universal Battle Rules& Shield


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Author  Thomas
Publisher  Karnak Publishing
Publication Date   December 1, 2006
ISBN  1904891063
Pages  26


"Spear & Shield" is an exciting set of rules for 15mm and 25mm war gaming. This book is a brand new book and not a reprint. This is the latest 2004 series of rules that combines the ease of play of the DBA game system with the flexibility of popular 25mm fantasy gaming systems. These rules are designed for quick, fun table-top games for the period 1200BC-600AD. The book includes the full rule set which is quick to memorise and requires no book keeping, full background information and a selection of army lists to get you started. The Army Construction Kit is new to version 2!!! The Universal Battle Rules system is highly flexible and as such the creation of your own armies and custom rules is very easy. The ACK allows you to create detailed army lists that will be both fair and fun to play with. No more waiting for army lists to appear, create your own whilst you wait. "Spear & Shield" includes a selection of common army lists to get you started. They are divided into two sections, the 'Wars of Rome' and 'Classical Greece'. Each of these period includes full lists for armies such as Early Spartan Hoplite Armies, Early Republican Roman Army etc. The lists include detailed information so you can arm units exactly as you would like. The Rules features: no record keeping; suitable for 15mm, 20mm and 25mm; leadership and command and control critical to battles; simple but highly realistic rules; requires just a tape measure and dice; suitable for all battles from Bronze Age to the fall of Rome!; and, supported by frequent upgrades and army lists.

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