Historical Atlas of Ancient Greece


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Author  Angus Konstam
Publisher  Mercury Books
Publication Date   May 1, 2006
ISBN  190466816X
Pages  192

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From the days of Homer’s Mycenean culture until the final collapse of Ancient Greek civilization, the Greek World has provided an enduring fascination to countless generations. Its language, culture, political systems, philosophy, art and architecture still influence our everyday lives, while the stories of Greek warriors, mighty Gods, and glittering cities have captivated our imagination. This book traces the historical, cultural and political development of the Greeks, who created the first democratic society in the world, and whose empire under Alexander the Great spanned most of the known world. While her citizen soldiers safeguarded Greek civilization when it was threatened by the Persians, Greek writers, poets, architects, politicians and philosophers created a cultural legacy that still endures. In this lavishly illustrated book, the history and culture of this remarkable people are traced, allowing readers a clear and concise insight into the Greek World.

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