Classical Phoenician Scarabs

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Author  John Boardman
Publisher  Archaeopress
Publication Date   December 31, 2008
ISBN  1903767067
Pages  207

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This second volume, Classical Phoenician Scarabs A catalogue and study, is the result of some years of collecting records of the green jasper scarabs of the Mediterranean world in the course of research on other glyptic, Greek and Persian. The principal aim is to present the material in catalogue form, arranged by subject, and accompanied by selective illustration. The green jasper scarabs appear to be the product of Phoenician workshops during the Persian period. The earliest with any datable features seem related to Greek late Archaic glyptic of the later 6th century BC, and there are numbers in tombs of the 4th century BC, so the rough equation with the period in which the Phoenician homeland was under Persian rule may not be coincidental. (The first volume (2003), Classical and Eastern Intaglios, Rings and Cameos, by C. Wagner and J. Boardman, publishes a selection of gems from a private collection formed between 1921 and about 1970. They range from 3rd-millennium BC cylinder seals of Mesopotamia, to Neo-classical engravings of the 19th century AD, and include prime specimens also of Greek, Etruscan, Roman and Sasanian glyptic.)

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