Poseidon Oceanic Multipurpose System (Book published March 22


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Author  Hugh Harkins
Publisher  Centurion Publishing
Publication Date   March 22, 2019
ISBN  1903630851
Pages  31

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Poseidon Oceanic Multipurpose System - Russia’s Nuclear Strike Undersea DroneThe purpose of this volume is to provide a short overview of the Poseidon Oceanic Multipurpose System, which remains, in 2019, shrouded in the highest levels of classification within the Russian Federation political and defence establishments. Poseidon is being developed as an element of the nuclear deterrent forces of the Russian Federation as that nation pushes to overcome perceived NATO alliance attempts to move from a position of nuclear parity to a position of nuclear superiority.All graphic and photographic material has been furnished by the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation and various design bureau.

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