An Atlas of Roman Rural Settlement in England...


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Author  Jeremy Taylor
Publisher  Council for British Archaeology(GB)
Publication Date   December 31, 2007
ISBN  1902771664
Pages  134

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This publication presents the major findings of a project focusing on the characterisation, mapping and assessment of late prehistoric and Roman rural settlement. The volume redresses the balance in the study of rural Roman settlement, taking the discussion beyond high-status villas, and using a wider range of material evidence and diverse case studies to understand broader Roman rural land use. The evidence provides new insights into patterns of regionality in settlement, as well as an up-to-date overview of the nature and diversity of Iron Age and Roman rural life. The accessible discussion is also cross-referenced to a full set of online data from the full research project. The volume highlights directions for future research in the discipline and provides a framework for further utilisation of a crucial archaeological resource. It is invaluable reading for all scholars of Roman Britain.

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