The Most Noble Order of the Garter (Book published April 20


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Author  Peter J. Begent
Publisher  Spink & Son Ltd
Publication Date   April 20, 1999
ISBN  1902040201
Pages  469


THE ORDER OF THE GARTER was founded by King Edward III in about 1348, and is the oldest order in continued existence. This work is the first comprehensive survey of the history of the Order from its inception to the present day. The authors concentrate on the foundation, statutes, records, procedures, ceremonies, personnel, robes and insignia of the Order rather than its political, sociological, biographical or art-historical aspects and they aim to provide the factual framework essential to scholars in these and other disciplines which impinge in any way on this country's senior order of chivalry. Intended to commemorate the 650th anniversary of the first Garter Feast on St George's Day, 23 April 1349, it contains a list of all those appointed to the Order between 1348 and 1998 and, as a valuable bonus, it lists all the Officers of the Order for the same period as well as shedding much new light on the origins and duties of their offices. Windsor Castle, the Chapel and the Colle