Antonia Augusta

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Author  Nikos Kokkinos
Publisher  Libri Publications Ltd
Publication Date   December 31, 1992
ISBN  1901965058
Pages  290

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As the daughter of Mark Anthony, mother of Claudius, grandmother of Caligula and great-grandmother of Nero, Antonia Augusta is a significant figure in Roman history with extensive influence. This biography focuses on Antonia's place in political history and is based on the analysis of her portrayal and depiction in inscriptions, coins, papyri, sculpture as well as buildings and monuments which were erected in her honour. The material is also used to present more general reflections on the role of high-profile women in the Roman world, including their opportunities for patronage and their control over their own households. This paperback edition includes a new `Review' chapter which discusses archaeological and historical discoveries made during the ten years since the hardback was published. The book includes registers of inscriptions and coins.

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