Blood In Blood Out (Book published June 15, 2011)


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Author  John Lee Brook
Publisher  Headpress
Publication Date   June 15, 2011
ISBN  1900486776
Pages  368

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From the dead centre of the enormous American penitentiary system, the Aryan Brotherhood was the lion that somehow seized control of the city as well as the zoo, steadily coming to dominate the billion dollar methamphetamine industry that permeates America's urban sprawl. They outsmarted and out-muscled everyone that tried to stand in their way, including the FBI, who have discovered that even solitary confinement is incapable of suffocating the tactical machinations of its cabal of psychopathic leaders.

Bound together by a code of violence and silence, for years the Brotherhood has remained an impenetrable and unstoppable force. Until now. Blood In Blood Out is the first book to give the full inside story of its incredible rise to power. In witty, entertaining prose, ex-convict John Lee Brook draws on his unique access to many of the founding members of the Brotherhood, to tell the full secret story in unflinching, fascinating detail. Thanks to its surprisingly light and memorable writing, Blood In Blood Out breaks the bounds of its genre, opening up the fascinating Brotherhood to any passing interest.

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