Sequence and Space in Pompeii


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Publisher  Oxbow Books
Publication Date   December 1, 1997
ISBN  1900188309
Pages  157

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Pompeii is currently enjoying an exciting phase of new research, enhanced by the application of rigorous modern archaeological techniques. This book brings together twelve papers which present some of the new approaches and research aims; all relate to issues of sequence and space, and aim to further understanding both the development of Pompeii and the dynamics of ancient urban society. The contributions are: Sequence and space in Pompeii: an introduction (Rick Jones and Sara E. Bon); Formation processes at Pompeii (Sara E. Bon); What was Pompeii before 200 BC? Excavations in the House of Joseph II and in the House of the Wedding of Hercules (Paolo Carafa); The context of the House of the Surgeon (Sara E. Bon); Investigating the vocabulary of the Roman house (Eleanor W. Leach); The Pompeii forum project 1994-95 (John J. Dobbins); New directions in economic and environmental research at Pompeii (Jane Richardson, Gill Thompson and Angelo Genovese); Pompeii AD 79: a population in flux? (Estelle Lager); Private toilets at Pompeii (Gemma Jansen); The social texture of Pompeii (Damian J. Robinson); Sequence and space at Pompeii: casual observations from an Etruscologist (Jane K. Whitehead); Concluding thoughts (Stephen L. Dyson).

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