Legends Of The Plumed Serpent


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Author  Neil Baldwin
Publisher  PublicAffairs
Publication Date   October 27, 1998
ISBN  1891620037
Pages  224

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Few images hold an active claim on the imaginations of countless generations, but the Plumed Serpent, or Quetzalcoatl, has endured through 5,000 years of Mesoamerican history. Visualized as part bird and part snake and also in human form, this benevolent god remained a potent symbol of creation from the time of the ancient Olmec to the Mexican revolution. Quetzalcoatl took root ten years ago in the fertile imagination of seasoned biographer Neil Baldwin when he toured the sites of Mexico. The result of Baldwins research into Mexicos mythological figure is a fascinating tour through the archaeological treasures of Mexico, an unusual biography of myth, and a detailed cultural history beautifully illustrated with nearly 100 photos and illustrations.

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