The Royal Book of Horsemanship, Jousting... (Book published January


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Author  Dom Duarte of Portugal (1391-1438)
Publisher  Chivalry Bookshelf
Publication Date   January 1, 2010
ISBN  189144834X
Pages  180

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Written by the King of Portugal-a renowned master horseman, hunter and jouster-and dedicated to his queen-this amazing book examines the knightly art of horsemanship, is a unique glimpse into the world of medieval equitation, hunting and knightly combat with the lance and sword. No where else in literature are details of historical jousting technique offered.Interwoven with this advice the Portuguese king reveals a keen sense of character as he examines the knight's soul during the frightening moments on unruly mounts and under the crushing impact of a of a heavy lance during the joust, when knights thundered against one another to earn renown and prestige. At this moment, he says, there is no hiding from one's self, and in this and other tests is a knight's mettle truly tested.Bem Cavalgar an important work on techniques surrounding the equestrian arts of the 15th century, and is a critically important work of chivalric literature, a knightly handbook that must stand with Geoffrey de Charny's Book of Chivalry or Ramon Lull's Book of Knighthood and Chivalry.

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