Star Myths of the Greeks and Romans (Book published January 1


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Publisher  Phanes Press
Publication Date   January 1, 1997
ISBN  1890482935
Pages  288

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The nightly appearance of the stars, their arrangement in the sky, their regular risings and settings through the course of the year, have been a source of endless wonder and speculation. But where did the constellations come from and what are the myths associated with them? "Star Myths of the Greeks and Romans" is the most comprehensive work ever published on the forty-eight classical constellations. Included in this handbook are the only surviving works on the constellation myths that have come down to us from antiquity: an epitome of "The Constellations" of Eratosthenes – never before translated into English – and "The Poetic Astronomy" of Hyginus. Also provided are accurate and detailed commentaries on each constellation myth, and complete references for those who wish to dig deeper. This book is a comprehensive sourcework for anyone interested in astronomy or mythology – and an ideal resource for the occasional stargazer.

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