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Author  Paolo A. Belzoni
Publisher  Arx Pub
Publication Date   December 15, 2006
ISBN  1889758787
Pages  248

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The year is AD 504. The all-powerful Roman Empire lies in tatters, its western provinces dismembered into a patchwork of new kingdoms ruled by barbarians. In Constantinople, the New Rome, the Eastern Roman emperor is beset by problems. New and dangerous barbarian hordes appear on the frontier year after year. The powerful king of Persia demands tribute and threatens Roman Mesopotamia and Syria. Religious controversies spawn catastrophic military uprisings. But unbeknownst to all, in that same year was born Belisarius, the greatest Roman general of them all. At a time when Roman power was practically extinct, Belisarius did what no sane Roman thought possible. He went toe-to-toe with the empire's most powerful enemies.

Belisarius: The First Shall Be Last is a historical novel that recreates the early life of this amazing hero. Filled with action and intrigue, the book is replete with historical and religious detail drawn from ancient historians. The novel is a fascinating introduction to the Justinianic period the last gasp of the Roman Empire and the infancy of Christendom in both the East and West.

The First Shall Be Last is the first book in the Belisarius series. The sequel, Glory of the Romans was published in November 2010.

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