A Grammar Of Oscan And Umbrian


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Author  Carl Darling Buck
Publisher  Evolution Pub & Manufacturing
Publication Date   August 15, 2005
ISBN  1889758728
Pages  352

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Even after a century, Buck's Grammar of Oscan and Umbrian is still regarded as the authoritative English treatment of these languages, which were spoken on the Italian peninsula during the Roman Republic. Buck's introduction gives general information on orthography and lists key similarities and differences between these two languages, with comparisons with Latin. The grammar features an extensive 80-page section on phonology, followed by an equally detailed 100 pages on grammatical inflection and syntax. A collection of the most important inscriptions in Oscan and Umbrian follows, with a separate glossary for each language. Buck's work also features photographs and illutrations of important inscriptions, as well as a map. It is an indispensable resource for the study of the Italic dialects of pre-Roman Italy.

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