Travelers' Tales Ireland


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Publisher  Travelers' Tales
Publication Date   May 1, 2003
ISBN  1885211945
Pages  424

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Travelers’ Tales Ireland reveals the heart and soul of one of the oldest and richest cultures in Europe. From its Celtic ancestry to its thoroughly modern economy, its predominantly Catholic faith to its thriving music and arts, Ireland is a top choice of Europeans seeking a friendly, cosmopolitan place to unwind, and Irish Americans seeking connections with their forbears. Experience the wonder of Ireland as you have always imagined it would be.
- Kayak among hidden islands with Brian Wilson
- Share a poignant moment with relatives you never knew you had with Brian Moore
- Dance with delight with Niall Williams and Christine Breen
- Encounter friendly con artists with Thom Elkjer
- Explore ancient ruins with David W. McFadden
- Climb St. Patrick’s holy mountain with Colm Tóibín
- Pilot your own boat up the River Shannon with Kent E. St. John
- Discover the root of "The Troubles" with Cecil Woodham-Smith
- Explore Jonathan Swift’s Dublin with Rebecca Solnit
- Walk the Kerry Way with Tim O’Reilly
- Share Heinrich Böll’s thoughts on Irish rain

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