The Tomb of Lars Porsenna at Clusium (Book published March 1


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Author  William M. Gaugler
Publisher  Laureate Pr
Publication Date   March 1, 2002
ISBN  1884528252
Pages  206

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The Tomb of Lars Porsenna at Clusium and its Religious and Political Implications summarizes fifty years of studies in Etruscology and deals not only with the first scientific proof for the probable location of what may have been the largest edifice in antiquity, and the role Lars Porsenna very likely played in the development of the persona of the Roman emperor, but it also reopens the important question of Etruscan origins, explores Etruscan religion and possible Orphic influence, discusses the originality of archaic Etruscan art, and considers the Etruscan legacy in the literature and art of Renaissance Tuscany.

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