William Foxwell Albright and the Origins...


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Author  Peter Douglas Feinman
Publisher  Andrews University Press
Publication Date   April 30, 2004
ISBN  1883925401
Pages  260

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This volume is an impressive piece of work, based on exhaustive and well-documented research. It easily surpasses all other attempts to set Albright's pivotal career in American biblical and archaeological research into its larger social and intellectual history a notably challenging discipline.

1) It brings to light, for the first time, an amazing amount of fascinating and relevant information on what were obviously Albright's formative years.
2) It analyzes these data with proper critical methods and many perceptive insights; with commendable objectivity throughout; and with exhaustive documentation. These are the foundations of intellectual history.
3) The results of the investigation are set forth concisely and persuasively in a manner that makes their relevance to the issue clear.

This is a magnificent prolegomenon to a full-scale critique of Albright and his scholarship, so fundamental for all our disciplines.

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