China's Great Convulsion, 1894-1924

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Author  John Fulton Lewis
Publisher  Sun on Earth Books
Publication Date   December 7, 2004
ISBN  1883378834
Pages  232

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China's Great Convulsion ~ 1894 - 1924 . . . A remarkable account of thirty tumultuous years in world history, beginning in 1894 with Japan's first aggressions in Asia and a Chinese revolutionary's call to overthrow the Manchurian Dynasty in Peking. China's years of convulsion included the Boxer Rebellion against "foreign devils," the collapse of its last dynasty, and a decade (1912-1922) of faltering attempts to establish a democratic republic while coping with provincial warlords and Japanese demands. From the pages of this well researched history, readers will learn how over 180,000 Chinese workers helped expedite the Allied victory in World War One. Stationed in France and the Middle East under the guidance of U.S., British, and French YMCA counselors and interpreters, members of the Chinese Labor Corps kept France's factories and farms running, improved port facilities, built military airfields, and restored war-torn roads and bridges. With China's Great Convulsion, John Fulton Lewis captures the excitement of China's stormy entry into a modern age.

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