Proverbs of Ancient Sumer


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Author  Bendt Alster
Publisher  Capital Decisions Ltd
Publication Date   December 1, 1997
ISBN  188305320X
Pages  650

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Two volume set. This momentous work includes over 30 collections of ancient Sumerian proverbs, reflecting many of the jobs and occupations within the society: shepherds, gardeners, household managers, foremen and hired workers, male and female slaves, fishermen, fowlers, merchants, boatmen, weavers, potters, manicurists, temple personnel, singers, the poor, beggars, and, of course, the scribes themselves. Other concerns include a woman's daily routine, family relationships, good and bad manners, the good man, the liar, legal proceedings, fate, the palace, the temples and their gods, as well as historical and ethnic allusions.

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