English for the Thoughtful Child, Vol. 1

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Author  Mary F. Hyde
Publisher  Greenleaf Press
Publication Date   July 1, 1990
ISBN  1882514076
Pages  128

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From the author: I had a long list of things I wanted to find in a first grammar and composition text. I wanted material that would concentrate on the writing process without burdening the young child. I wanted a text that would draw the child into writing. I wanted a text that would lay a foundation for good composition skills, skills that could be applied in all learning situations. With eleven children to care for, I wanted something simple and fun to work with, both for me and my children.

When I found this book, I knew I had found the book I wanted to use. Originally published in 1900, it uses wonderful pictures to stimulate the child’s imagination and lead him or her into writing. The grammar introduced includes those things necessary to the writing task. There are memorization assignments, oral compositions, written compositions, and practice exercises. I use this book for a second grade English text, but it is also very useful as a first course for older, reluctant writers. No teacher’s edition is necessary; everything you need is in the student text. I hope you enjoy it as we have.

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